Our Story

AEGLI  co-founder and CEO, Errika Papavenetiou and AEGLI importer and distributor Dimitra Marangozis commenced their journey together in Athens, in 1980, and have since enjoyed a meaningful friendship.

Their eagerness for self awareness, character development, work ethic, compassion and fulfillment became their bond, goal and mission culminating to a way of life in their very different career paths. Since they were teenagers, they have inspired each other as they shared their experiences growing up to become devoted wives, mothers, community advocates, and leaders in their careers.

The creation of AEGLI Premium Organics enabled them to nurture their ideals through their common mission, to foster their belief that all women deserve to age gracefully using organic products which protect them and the environment. The decision to engage themselves in this unique global synergy, between Athens and Toronto beyond their daily call of professional duty, has sparked the idea of "Hellenic Clean Beauty", an on-line forum where Errika and Dimitra share their passion for inner and outer beauty respectfully combining their country's history in medicine and well being, while researching ,using and enhancing Nature's offerings with scientific knowledge, dignity, collegiality and responsibility.

Errika and Dimitra hope that you immerse yourselves in and embrace AEGLI skincare and that you enjoy your on line purchases as much as they work diligently to prepare them especially for you!